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Strategy 7: Mental & Physical Wellness

Organizations with the resources may offer fitness memberships, onsite gymnasiums or workout facilities, or other amenities to their employees as perks to staying healthy. However, smaller organizations generally do not have sufficient resources to extend such benefits. Too often though organizations completely ignore or may not be aware of how much mental and physical wellness can be shaped by the work environment itself including access to benefits, access to ergonomic furniture and equipment, the ability for employees to take breaks or manage their own work schedules, or shaping organizational cultures that promote healthy work practices victims of violence in these and quality work-life balances. Consequently, employees are generally forced to figure things out for themselves while often working for leaders who may also be unsupportive as supervisors (or may even be identified as toxic ones) and who themselves lack supervisor support for living healthier lifestyles. As such there is little motivation or support in most organizations to improve working conditions for anyone in the organization.

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