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Strategy 4: Diversity & Fairness

Diversity and fairness are part of our DNA. The history of our consulting practice began with bridging differences to create a happier, healthier, high school culture and climate by bringing students, faculty, and administrators together to agree upon and achieve common purposes. Over the years we have striven to provide meaningful interventions to change the trajectories of stakeholder groups to shift from toxic unhealthy behaviors and cultures to cultures that promote positive and productive behaviors and outcomes.

Our work is steeped in diversity and fairness assessments and interventions because they are central to producing healthy organizational cultures and climates. Today more than ever, there is a demand to bridge differences between highly tribalized groups both inside our organizations as well as outside them in our communities where we live. Failing to do so undermines the health and vitality of organizations, local communities, and whole societies.

The research is clear that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams, they become gateways to customers and client groups, they create healthier relationships as differences are bridged between individuals and groups in the workplace, and they become the anchor for building strong communities that collectively result in long term operational sustainability for the organization. Working to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and fair workplace reduces discrimination that produces trauma for both groups and individuals. Traumatized employees may not perform at their peak levels, they may reflect more negative behaviors (e.g., exhibiting volatile tempers), and poorer performance outcomes than otherwise might be expected.


We offer coaching, mentoring, and training to create inclusive workplaces that embrace difference and produce kinder, gentler, healthier, more informed, and supportive workplace communities.

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