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Dr. Pettis Perry, EDD, MNA








Dr. Perry is a highly accomplished professional, holding a Doctor of Education Degree in Organization and Leadership from the prestigious University of San Francisco, along with a Master of Nonprofit Administration Degree. Throughout his career, he has been deeply committed to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential, while championing the causes of social change, social justice, and peace.

With over 25 years of dedicated post-doctorate research on attrition, Dr. Perry has developed the groundbreaking 7 Strategies for Organizational Effectiveness model. This comprehensive framework equips organizational leaders with the tools they need to tackle major challenges affecting their organizations' health and vitality. Unlike short-term solutions commonly used in problem-solving, these strategies integrate cohesive values into an organization's DNA, leading to a whole-system response that effectively addresses attrition - an issue that costs organizations billions of dollars annually.

Dr. Perry's approach to technology transfer involves a powerful combination of training, coaching, mentoring, and collaborative problem-solving techniques. This empowers his clients and students to become more capable and independent, fostering critical thinking, skill improvement, and enhanced confidence, resulting in fully integrative and productive organizational cultures. At PERRY OEC, the ultimate goal is to empower clients to such a degree that they no longer need assistance, but the team remains ready to provide support whenever necessary.

Dr. Perry is a distinguished Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and maintains active memberships in the International Leadership Association (ILA), the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE), and the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM). His unwavering dedication to the betterment of individuals and organizations makes him a highly sought-after authority in the field of organizational effectiveness and transformative leadership development.


Dr. Adrienne Adkins-Provost, DBA, MSL, BSN, RN

Dr. Adkins-Provost received her Doctor of Business Administrating from Walden University graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Her life’s mission is to be a positive role model for promoting effective leadership, career advancement, and social change that leads to a better society. Her subject matter expertise includes organizational change, leadership effectiveness, virtual team leadership, and Baldridge Performance Excellence.

In 1992, she began her career working as a registered nurse at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. Her RN career has included positions in medical-surgical nursing, orthopedic nursing, post anesthetic care, cardiac step-down, oncology, and travel nursing. In 2006, she began working for Fresenius Kidney Care which is where her leadership journey began.

Employment at Fresenius Kidney Care has included various roles within the organization. She has worked as a staff nurse, clinical manager, operations manager, regional quality manager, corporate clinical quality manager, director of clinical technology, senior director of government reporting & clinical informatics, functional vice president, and vice president of strategy implementation.

While working to advance her career, Adrienne obtained her Master’s Degree in Leadership from Walden University in 2017 and then continued her education by pursuing a doctorate degree from Walden University. Adrienne is a Walden Alumni Ambassador, a member of the Golden Key Honor Society, and a member of the Walden University Alumni, AZ chapter.

Because of familial history of drug and alcohol abuse, Adrienne volunteers to support her church Bethlehem of Deliverance Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residential drug and alcohol treatment program titled Joshua Achievement Center (JAC).

Adrienne loves to support leadership development and has worked as a volunteer mentor to upcoming leaders in various industries including the dialysis industry.

She is a wife and a mother of three adult children who are actively pursuing education and career advancement. When she is not working or volunteering, Adrienne loves to swim, ride her bike, travel, and spend time with her dogs Minnie and Smokey as well as spend time with family and friends.

Dr. Karen Linyard, DBA, MBA, LPN

Dr. Karen Linyard received her Doctor of Business Administration with a focus in consulting from Walden University. She received her Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration from ECPI University. Her subject matter expertise includes healthcare operational efficiency, staff training and development, process improvement, and strategic planning.


Since 2008, she has worked at Atrium Health and currently works as a project manager in the operations performance improvement division. In this position, she has successfully managed multiple projects in the ambulatory setting, executing process improvement projects designed to deliver quality patient care, improve patient outcomes, and improve operational efficiency. She has a background in nursing and received her license in practical nursing in 2004. She serves as a subject matter expert for leaders and clinical teammates working in the ambulatory setting. She facilitates procedural training across many operational topics to improve workflow processes. She is passionate about improving the health of the community. She focuses on working with leaders to collect and analyze data to identify gaps in performance and institute solutions to improve efficiency and achieve strategic goals.   





Dr. Peterson Mirville, DBA, MBA, LNHA, RRT, CDP

Dr. Mirville received his Doctorate of Business Administration degree with a concentration in leadership from Walden University and received his Master of Business with a concentration in Healthcare Administration from American Public University.

Dr. Mirville began his career in the active Army as a Combat Medical Specialist in 1990, and after returning from combat, he became a Respiratory Therapist. As a Respiratory Therapist, he has worked in many facets of respiratory therapy; from threating the acutely ill, managing a respiratory department, to working as a Respiratory and Educational Consultant for a large nursing home company with over 100 homes in the south. As a consultant, Dr. Mirville would assess the organization’s effectiveness related to their education and training processes, as well as their clinical process in the management of the acutely ill. He currently functions as a Nursing Home Administrator, where he operates a 71 – bed nursing home. He has amassed over 25 years of progressive healthcare experience.

One of Dr. Mirville’s greatest accomplishments is his consultation with a nonprofit organization located in New York, Connecticut, Texas, and the country of Dominica that provides academic resources to unfunded schools. Through his research on “Communication Strategies for Increasing Nonprofit Organization’s Fundraising Revenues”, the organization was able to significantly increase their ability to provide resources to underfunded schools.

Dr. Mirville’s life mission is to lead leaders and to help others navigate their personalized journey to achieve their destiny. Throughout his career, Dr. Mirville has maintained the highest performance standards within a diverse range of administration and leadership functions, which are clearly indicated by his past success. His commitment to quality is evident by leading his teams to achieve national quality awards and improvement in federal survey outcomes. In addition to being a Nursing Home Administrator and a leader of leaders, Dr. Mirville currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University, where he teaches the Long-term Care Administration course in the Master of Health Administration graduate curriculum.


Contact:, or 706-431-7217


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