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WE, all of us, have a life path to walk for as long as we are on the earth: Mine has been to purposefully disrupt the status quo in order to create better methods for improving the human condition for as many lives as can be touched. This intentional practice led to building healthier and more sustainable organizations, serving more people from more diverse backgrounds, that were more financially solvent because the goal behaviors of stakeholder groups became part of building supportive systems that fostered kinder gentler ways of being. In short, by taking care of people our productivity grew exponentially.


Since my first day on the job, my focus has always been on the human side of the enterprise--and everything else has always taken care of itself from there. I do it because I believe fervently in improving the human condition for all persons and groups regardless of who they are or from where they originate. I do it because I want to reduce the pain and suffering that exist in most of our organizations and communities; and I do it because I believe that the path to enlightenment is through a shift from Self-centeredness, to humility and empathy, and another shift towards self-transcendence, and knowing that the Self is only one tiny part of a larger more integrative whole.

To achieve those ends, PERRY OEC was founded to perpetuate these and other positive values to larger groups and greater numbers of organizations as our way of changing the world one person at a time and one organization at a time.


Our vision is simple: We facilitate and foster kinder, gentler, healthier, and more productive workspaces, organizations, and communities.


We enable healthier groups, communities, and diverse ways of being so that all stakeholders have equal opportunity to thrive. We nurture more effective leadership practices to reshape cultures and cultivate positive workforce goal behaviors focused on the long-term sustainability of businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs and NPOs), public institutions, and governmental agencies. 

Follow your heart. Your heart knows the answer even when your mind doesn't. 

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