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Strategy 1: Transformative Learning 

Our core work is to transform the behaviors of everyone who comes in contact with PERRY OEC. We endeavor to help people create more fulfilling and meaningful lives for themselves and for their loved ones. We believe that by doing so, new behaviors will also emerge in the work environment that then create positive ripple effects for co-workers as well.  Therefore, much of our 7 Strategies Consulting work is embedded with transformative learning principles and practices that for the most part are drawn from the current transformative learning and transformative leadership research and theory-based practices.

As part of our overall strategy to transfer technologies, we teach our clients about transformative learning by creating experiential learning opportunities for them to experience dilemmas to stimulate personal growth. We then work with them through the transformative learning cycle to help them frame new and more constructive patterns of behavior. 

We also work with our clients to establish values that embrace transformative learning practices into their cultures so that it becomes an outgrowth of organization-wide orientation and leader development programs. 


We subscribe to broad social science approaches to our problem-solving practices. However, we promote transformative learning and transformative leadership as cornerstone practices for building healthy workspaces and communities. 

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