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Strategy 2: Transformative Leadership 

Fundamentally, leadership is the study of human behavior in groups. As such, we believe in applying transformative learning theory to our leadership development training, coaching, and mentoring practices (see below for more) to provide richer more impactful growth and development for the clients with whom we work.  We believe that growth and development require an inside-out process of self-reflection, contemplation, and commitment to bring about personal transformation. As our clients transform themselves and exhibit new behaviors they find that the responses they receive from others (co-workers, family members, friends, and even strangers) change too. That is the beauty and impact of transforming the person we are becoming.


To become a transformative leader requires especially deep introspection and seeing the world from the inside out. Life (as noted above) is also about learning to live from the inside out so we integrate discussions about leadership and how it relates to life and human development as part of our training paradigms. When problems arise and before looking to others for fault, we teach leaders to look inwardly first and to ask themselves what part of the problem am I? This inward focus forces leaders to look at how they might have contributed to the problem they are confronting, for ways that they might have been able to prevent the problem from happening in the first place and avoiding laying the blame for failures at the feet of others to escape blame themselves.

Some of our most important work is in transformative leadership development because of the impact leaders have on their groups, large or small. Therefore, their impacts have the greatest effect on group performance more so than any other member within the group. By changing leader behaviors, we are able to create shifts in culture that then have rippling effects throughout their groups that can be seen in corresponding shifts in the dynamics within their groups. 

We train leaders to become transformative leaders who increase their capacities as social change and social justice agents.  Our practice capitalizes on decades of academic and professional training and practical executive leadership, consultiancies and collegiate teaching experiences. We promote transformative leadership but teach multiple leadership styles including transformational leadership, servant leadership, transactional leadership, and other leadership practices to provide those with whom we work a solid framework for understanding leadership (what it is, what it means, how it works). 

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