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Our Work

Our work is designed to foster kinder, gentler, safer, and more productive workspaces, organizations, and communities.

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Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning is the basis for personal growth and development, healthy lifestyles, and healthy communities, and is foundational to Transformative Leadership. (Click image for more info.)


Transformative Leadership (Click image for more info.)

Transformative Leadership seeks to effect deep and equitable change,  deconstruct knowledge frameworks that perpetuate inequity and injustice and reconstruct them in equitable ways, requires moral courage.


Coaching & Mentoring (Click image for more info.)

Coaching & Mentoring support employee growth and advancement through skills development career growth strategies, and networking. 


Diversity & Fairness (Click image for more info.)

Diversity & Fairness are fundamental to fostering productive, healthy, and safer work environments.


Integrative Cultures (Click image for more info.)

Integrative Cultures link resources within an organization making it possible to direct specific resources to where they are needed most.


Trauma-informed Communities (Click image for more info.)

Trauma-informed Communities help reduce trauma in the workplace by tackling trauma (its causes and aftereffects) head-on through training and awareness and by cultivating employee resources and support groups (ERGs). 


Mental & Physical Wellness (Click image for more info.)

Mental & Physical Wellness help to produce healthier and happier employees by recognizing work-life balance, healthy work conditions, and supportive resources to foster a healthy workforce.

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