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Strategy 3: Coaching & Mentoring

We mentor and coach selected individuals based on a summary of findings that are completed as part of the 7 Strategies Consulting assessment and an individual enrollment and selection process. Since this is a time-intensive and potentially long-term commitment, we select individuals on a case-by-case basis to ensure that there is a good match with the coach or mentor. Our coaches and mentors are no-nonsense professionals who will call their interactions with our clients as they see them. Anyone who is not serious about growing is likely not ready for this program and may not be a good candidate until they are psychologically ready and motivated to grow professionally and personally. Those who are selected will have ongoing and regular access to their coach or mentor for 1:1 consultations during their contract periods. They will also be given growth work to do between sessions so that the time together with their coach or mentor is fully maximized.

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