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People are the #1 asset for all organizations whether they are businesses, NGOs/NPOs, government agencies, or military organizations. Without people, organizations are nothing more than pieces of paper and graphic images. Yet the vast majority of all organizations underperform because of less than fully committed employees or members. In some cases, 3-year turnover rates may be as high as 50% or more with 5-year rates in excess of 70%. When you factor in that replacement costs per employee can range from 17% to 200% (lowest to highest-paid employee) and consider that payrolls can be as much as 70% or more of an organization's budget it is not unreasonable to suggest that organizations are literally bleeding green to the tune of hundreds of millions, if not, billions of dollars annually.

What is truly most remarkable is that the bulk of the turnover we see in organizations is preventable. In one nationwide study of attrition, 8 of 13 reasons for the attrition (the reasons given by people who left their organization) were completely controllable by the organization. In other words, the excessively high turnover rates don't have to happen in your organization!

13 Common Reasons for Attrition

  • Values didn't match the organization's values

  • Burnout

  • Poor working conditions

  • Poor leadership/supervision

  • Retirement

  • Imposed Relocation

  • Career Advancement

  • Stay home to care for spouse/child

  • Conflicts with supervisor

  • Reduction in workforce

  • Low pay

  • Harassment

  • Career Change

Our organizational effectiveness experts understand the dynamics related to attrition, the associated costs related to turnover, and the subsequent very real destructive ripple effects arising from turnover and high attrition rates including employees not working at the levels of their potential, and leaders who are less than fully effective in getting the most from their direct reports. We also understand the dynamics related to positive performance resulting from healthy vibrant goal behaviors and the impact of committed transformative leaders who strive to create exemplary followers and the next generation of leaders. We may be able to help you reduce turnover, improve working conditions, increase productivity, develop your talent pool, upskill and expand your training, and help you solve problems and operational issues that get in the way of stellar employee performance at all levels in the organization.

Don’t stop at good. Go for GREAT!

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